Mrs. Honey Do, Deep Thoughts

Mrs. Honey Do, Deep Thoughts


A Darwin is a one of a kind, if you come across one, slowly approach and ask him a simple question.  If the question is to bold he will bolt, if the question is to stimulative he will forget that you are there and talk on it for hours! 

You may see this as a fault but is not!  Instead realize that you have a true DarWIN and he is a treasure beyond measure!  Many have lost their chance with Darwin and have regretted it for years!  So if you can ask the perfect question, then you have a chance!  Good luck! 

Every Darwin has a different question!  But I asked the perfect one!  And it was…….  Can I have A ride on your Harley?    Now I hope that you notice the odd capitalization of DarWIN  because he is a winner in everything he does!

My Favorite Book

This is one of my Favorite Books and has helped Darwin and I so much!  I have learned many key principals from it and have read it many times.  this book helped both of us greatly. It has even helps us communicate with our kids.  Most of you do not know this but Darwin and I had a hard few years in our "first marriage".

Yes you read that right Darwin and I have been married twice and divorced once.  During that time a lot of mean things happened that we are not proud of.  However this book helped us learn more about each other through our love languages.  This book is called The Five Love Languages written by Gary Chapman  Get it here  This is a great book as it goes into detail about each love language and even has a test for you to take if you are unsure what your Primary love language is.  I highly recommend it for any one who is interested in improving all of their relationships. So please check it out!

Authored By: Mrs. Honey Do Carpenter 

Melanie Arnold

Love At Home

I am not sure where I heard or read this statement so I can't even quote it verbatim, I will probably butcher it,  but the sentiment really hit me hard so I wanted to share my version as I remember it.

I believe this is true 100%. 

You need to build your family up at home and create a safe haven where You offer each other support and encouragement. As we venture out into the world we will all be under a constant barrage. Each of us goes through periods of hard times. The storms of life come for us all and would destroy us if they could. So instead of picking on something annoying that your spouse/child did wrong, look for something good they did and tell them about it. 

Abe Lincoln said it best!

"If you look for the bad in someone you will surly find it"  So Lets look for the good especially at home.

Authored By: Mrs. Honey Do Carpenter

Melanie Arnold