0 Air Crete Stress Test

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  • 7/18/2018
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 Honey Do Carpenter 

Air Crete Stress Test

July 7, 2018


       Due to concerns from many Honey Doers on the brittleness of Air Crete, Dar decides to do a flex test. He tells us how he sets up the edge of a panel on another panel & jumps up and down on it. It holds, so it's time for the family to share in the experience. First Melanie then the boys join on the panel. It still holds! Another test is needed, but before we actually see this one, Darwin talks about the book that inspried him to experiment with Rocket Mass Heaters, written by Ernie Wisner. And talks about others who inspired him and some of his creations with Air Crete. On a side note Darwin will be attedning the Essential Technology Symposium.

     The Second flex test. Dar and Melanie load not two, not four, but six bags of concrete on the Air Crete Panel, That's four Hundred and eighty pounds. Dose it hold? yes! Let the snow fly!