0 Air Crete Dog House Build

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  • 7/6/2018
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Honey Do Carpenter 

Air Crete Dog House Build

June 29, 2018


      Yay! It's so exciting! We get to see the Air Crete doghouse project finally come together. Before Darwin and Melanie can get started, they need some inspiration. Yeah, in this video you get to see some big fluffy cuteness beg for attention from Honey Do. No, this is not a dream. These dogs are real and absolutely adorable! But we must pull ourselves away from all the friskiness to watch Dar prep the ground for the Air Crete doghouse. Thanks to Melanie and her multitasking skills, she can help Dar take the panels out of the trailer, peal off the backing sheet and let us watch mans bestfriend jump, run, and play just a little more. (Who doesn't love dogs)! 

       Well... Okay, lets get down to business. Dar staggers screw into the edges of the panels and the wraps wire around them in a criss cross pattern. He then tightens the screw down. Sides are now together. Next is the top, which Dar puts on using metal strips to help secure it. It's done! (Except the roofing). 

   Do the dogs like it? Do they fit? Does Darwin fit?

         The most amazing Air Crete doghouse Honey Do!