0 Last Pour on Air Crete Dog House

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  • 7/6/2018
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Honey Do Carpenter

Last Pour on Air Crete Dog House

June 26, 2018


Darwin and Melanie do the last pour for the Air Crete doghouse. Dar's auger broke down in the middle of mixing. So in this video we see him take it back to Harbor Freight where he purchased it. (He can't mix the Air Crete recipe together without his handy 'spoon'). Special shout out to Harbor Freight! Dar got right in and right back out with a new auger, no extra money exchanging hands.

                      New auger. Check! Together Darwin and Melanie mix the ingredients, making sure you get a close up of the concoction. It's really mesmerizing if i do say so myself. After its all good and mixed they can pour it in to the panels they made erariler. Yet again so satisfying to watch.